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Alloy steel pipe is bound to need to have the stability of economic growth to do backing

Click: Time:2021-04-01 09:17:16

This year, the steel market in addition to four or five months had a brief rebound, the whole ride is almost "high-altitude slides,"stumble endlessly. But the subtle changes, the author believes that steel prices in the summer, the total will still be welcome to a one-off, the market is still in the cold, Wave of decent rally, but the success is the key to grasp. Into the June, the domestic steel market to significantly slow down the inventory, weekly inventory statistics show that to the inventory level has been from the previous 50-70 million tons/week dropped sharply to 20-30 million tons/week,a decline of 50%, But even so, the steel price decline is greatly improved, the majority of weak to stabilize the market price based. Hot volume and other varieties of defensive significantly enhanced, the market will actually sell into the will disappear, and steel prices are mostly stable mainly, does not support the downlink. The current narrow range of shock, can only be said to be in the helpless "moan"-up weak, do not want to fallthe market may take this opportunity to achieve the bottom of the current round of consolidation of the price.In June the downstream steel market demand dropped sharply, the cost continues to fall in the big context, steel prices stabilized situation is obvious, indicating that the general direction is to a strong side. These changes, mostly concentrated in the policy, steady growth projects, economic and other aspects of the changes. From the environment, the CPC Central Committee efforts to promote anti-corruption, and the scale is rare, in this big move, the alloy steel pipe is bound to need economic stability and growth to do backing. The second quarter of economic growth below 7.5% annual target has become a reality, then how to complete the annual target of 7.5%, the next two quarters is very critical to investment as the main micro-stimulation must be overweight, otherwise difficult to achieve, On the steel market, the poise is underway.

Adhere to the"going out"for foreign mergers. The international market iron ore prices in the doldrums, making China's"going out"of the resource strategy is greatly constrained,a number of foreign "rights mine"situation is difficult, even so must adhere to the"go"unwavering, actively seek opportunities for overseas mines mergers and acquisitions, To achieve diversification of iron ore supply channels. We must see that the iron ore market in the international market is now falling sharply, the world's mining giants to full capacity production, and dare not resort to "cut prices"kller, lies in China's global iron ore resources. Ifyou do not have this strategic action, the world's mining giants is bound to be cynical, the Chinese alloy steel pipe prices have not fallen anti-up. Therefore,"the interests of the mine,"the temporary dilemma, in fact, local interests in exchange for the overall interests. The parties concerned should be appropriate compensation, improve our strategic layout of iron ore resources.






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Copyright: China Hongcheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd
All Rights Reserved "The People's Republic of China Telecommunications and Information Service Industry Business License"

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